More Than Starting Businesses

Working under one of the WIOA 14 required program elements (Entrepreneurship), we partner with Workforce Boards and Workforce Service Providers to offer programming designed to help people create incomes that sustain and grow by either launching a business or by applying entrepreneurship to create an empowering career path in the Modern Economy..

Robust Outcome-Driven Programming Delivered in Multiple Durations and Formats


2-4 Hours

Online, Blended, or Traditional

Primary Concepts Explained Commence Work on Foundation Clear Pathway to Advance Outputs include Value Proposition, Business / Career Roadmap, & Personality Profile


8-16 Hours

Online, Blended, or Traditional

Fundamental Elements Completed
Clear Pathway to Launch
Outputs include Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Projected Financials (all required to secure funding) or Modern Economy Career Chart & Action Plan + Resume and Value statement. 2+ Mentor Relationships.


90-180+ Days

Online, Blended, or Traditional

Businesses and careers fully developed, validated, launched, and grown.
Outputs include business formation, website, social media channels, operation, HR, and finance manuals or Modern Economy Career Plan™, Personal Value Delivery Rubric.

All programs are customized to fit the needs of your client groups. From scope, sequence, duration, to language, appearance, and logistics, and delivery modality, we work to ensure proper configuration for maximized outcomes.

Programming Specifically For

In School Youth

Seven to 24 year olds

Out of School Youth

14-24 Year Oldes

Adult & Dislocated

All Ages


Those reentering and those still behind the walls.olds

Veterans + Military Spouses

Active, veteran, wives and families of veterans

Those with Disabilities

All ages with physical and mental health limitations.

The Anti-Course

Designed to feel nothing like a class, our programming is passion based, step-by-step, learning-in-action, producing meaningful outputs and outcomes

Ask an individual if they want to learn something, they will likely answer with a “not really”.  Ask them if they want to take a class and their response if more likely to be a “definitely not”.  Ask them if they want step by step instruction on how to take their idea and turn it into a launched and growing business or career and you will likely hear “yes I want that”.  Content is abundant and free.  Courses from the best universities are little to no cost but have single digit completion rates.  People want to be engaged differently and they want outcomes.

Just-In-Time Education

Learning is done as needed and decided by the individual

Multiple Modalities

Meeting the learner where they are with text and video instruction

Real Outputs

Producing business plans, financial projections, launched businesses and careers

Fully Integrated mentorship

Each individual has at least two mentors, relationships and impact designed to endure


Although we customize multiple Evolutions for each of our partners, Business Startup programming is generally delivered in these forms (100% online, Traditional, or Blended)
1-4 Hours
  • Introduction to Value-Based Business Launch with Clear path to Pursue in Full
  • Strength Finder Assessment Business Value Worksheet Business Validation Roadmap
  • Funding Sources & Resources Provided. WSE Attendee Priviledges.
  • Introduction to Value-Based Business Launch with Clear path to Pursue in Full
8-16 Hours
  • Business Incubated, Unique Value Proposition & Clear Path to Launch
  • Personality Assessment Unique Value Proposition Bank/Investor Pitch Deck Business Plan Roadmap.
  • BuildED Deliver Key-Programming, Co-Manges Program. Mentors Assigned, Trained, & 3 Mentor Sessions
  • BuildED Co-Delivers Program, Provides Training & Support. Weekly Meetings with Two Types of Mentors.
90-180+ Days
  • Side-By-Side Business Development and Launch with Extensive Ed & Training.
  • Business Plan Bank & Investor Package Legal Formation Full Business Launch
  • BuildED Co-Delivers Program, Provides Training & Support. Weekly Meetings with Two Types of Mentors
  • Full Funding process WSE Entry Guaranteed* $5000 in Guaranteed Funding Per Cohort.


Our work is fully aligned with the outcomes that not only generate meaningful impact for the individuals, but that also align with funding requirements.”
  • Employment (2nd and 4th Quarters)
  • Employment Retention
  • Earnings Growth
  • Skill Gains
  • Business Starts
  • Business Funding
  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Growth
  • Employment of Others

Credentials from NAEBL™

Certificates and Credentials from the National Association of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership™ (NAEBL™) that are earned not by taking a test, but by demonstrating applied proficiency or excellence.